What Alpha Males Get WRONG About Submission (Andrew Tate)

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I will probably live to regret this, but today we'll be breaking down a podcast clip from the redpill / blackpill side of the internet. Why do they all keep using the word submission when they don't know what it means? We'll find out together.

00:00 - introduction
01:36 - who is andrew tate?
02:56 - why are podcasts like this?
03:48 - hi
04:30 - start of reaction
08:32 - blind obedience
11:14 - pro doms have ENTERED THE CHAT
13:37 - ♪ i will go down with this ship ♪
14:20 - this seems emotionally healthy
16:35 - when you're a nice guy
18:00 - when you definitely don't have anxiety
21:06 - "it's not real submission if..."
26:14 - new omegaverse fic unlocked
29:47 - well that's a lie
31:50 - what about my FEELINGS
35:35 - oh boy moving the goalposts
36:42 - developing trust
40:07 - accepting gifts is NOT submission
42:43 - key takeaways
45:26 - control with fear
47:52 - final thoughts


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